I think that the categories to tags conversion that began earlier this year, is now ‘only mostly done’. Except for the SAS category from my old gaming group, I think all the big moves are done. E.g., Android, Amazon, FreeBSD, Google, Linux, PC-BSD, etc are now converted to tags and should be in appropriate categories (e.g., Computers or Programming).

For the handful that remain, these either have someone more vague distinctions yet to be decided (Lyrics vs Music) or more vague taxonomy (Anime vs TV Shows vs Movies; Blogger vs Live Journal, that I’ve yet to decide upon more concretely.

In any case, those pertaining to the topics I most frequently post about beyond the what I’m watching or listening to, are basically done.

Considering that the current implementation of my journal has a lot of years of content from many different sources dating back to when I first started blogging as a means of maintaining my journal, it seems to have held up pretty well. Entries that were purely Diaspora or Google+ aren’t here, although I’m tempted to find or write a way of importing them. Entries that were purely file or paper based, aren’t here. I’m pretty sure the exceptionally rare ‘Private’ entries from the early days aren’t here or were simply declassified a decade ago. But for 17 years of blogging, I think my journal has held up decently well despite the many system changes and having begun with absolutely no idea how the categorization and retrieval of information would grow. Yeah, I’m fairly happy with this current setup. That said, I should probably journal less about computer stuff 🤣