Oh, Christmas Tree!

When I was moving, I had decided to toss the small tree that I typically setup on my kitchen counter; apartment space being a premium, and dogs being mischievous, that worked well. But for the past couple years, I’ve had it on my list to replace it since it was wearing out from over a decade of use.

It being my first Christmas here, I opted to go with a more normal sized tree. And seriously, I forgot how much work it is to fluff up a full sized tree.

Given the relatively safe environment, I decided to use some of my mother’s nicer Disney ornaments that haven’t been put up since she was alive, for fear they would get broken. In the same vein, I incorporated my father’s Christmas balls as well (damn, that just doesn’t sound right 😅). They haven’t been put up in at least thirty years, and I have no recollection of them being put up since I was very young. Rather there were so many of dad’s balls broken (oi, oi) in the 1990s and 2000s that we spent most of the past few decades trying to keep them from being further destroyed in storage. Much to my surprise, only one ball was broken when I inspected the box earlier this year.

An open question is what I want to do about the star. It fits this size tree much nicer than the old one meter tall tree, but the connector for the lights isn’t the old style plug. Therefore, my options are leave the star unlit or run an extension cord halfway down the tree.