Books are like a queue

Remind me, to never go looking at the suggested reading. Especially when I’ve worked through most of my immediate reading set :-/.

Perhaps it’s actually worse with the Kindle Rewards Beta program. In the sense, that I had enough rewards that one of the books I’ve added to my queue was almost free, and the others, well, just half refilled my rewards points ^_^.

One of my little side projects, has been building a spreadsheet of books that I’ve bought, read, or started this year. Reading Insights shows I’m about 25 pages away from having read 60 books this year, which is one off from my spreadsheet. Somewhat scarier may be how fast my queue drains, especially when stumbling onto a series that I enjoy, since books are rarely one off.

I’m not sure how much detail I’ll add to my journal when I get to the year end version of my spreadsheet. But so far, I find it interesting. For every 3 books that I’ve bought this year (including pre-orders from last year that released this year), on average I’ve read 2 of them. Of those I haven’t finished, half I started to read. Most of those unfinished books are entries in long-running series that I will likely cycle back to between now and this coming summer, and a few are more specialized; epics you don’t read quickly and informational books you read most of but don’t always care to finish.

In the long run though, I want to take a year end review of my reading for 2023. Both to see how my goals of reading something every day has affected my habits, and because I’m curious to see how the higher influx of serialized fiction has had an effect. The thing that I refuse to put in the spreadsheet however, is how much I’ve spent on books this year…lol