Attrition in charging

Recently, I found myself with a fair bit of rewards points at a certain electronics store and they’re expiring. But the only thing in that price range that I’d typically acquire there, is an Alexa. Which, to be honest I may get another one someday just to have one in my study. But not planning on that.

Tonight, I’ve found an unexpected solution that takes out two birds with one stone. See, I have basically two things floating around that use MicroUSB-B as the method of charging. Maybe three if I’m forgetting something. And let’s be honest, one of those things is a plant shaped lamp that I bought for decoration, not lighting, lol.

Four years ago when I last needed a pair of headphones, I opted to go wireless and my only complaint over time has been the MicroUSB charging. At the time, this was a negative but for the price I was willing to put up with the older charger cable. These are now that “Dang it, go fetch a cable” kind of device in my USB-C based world, and after several years the battery surely isn’t lasting any longer than when it was brand new.

Combination: rewards points plus sale price equal: 16 dollars for a decent pair of Sony headphones. Conveniently with USB-C charging. The one thing that my old MPow pair lacks. And ya know what? For $16, it’s worth it to just not need to go fetch a MicroUSB cable anymore!