Network evolutions

Thus far, this is looking to be the evilicious plan.

  1. The ns1 VM on zeta will be converted from primary name server that is authoritative for and forwards to external DNS, to being only authoritative for my LAN and providing nothing else.
  2. Cream will be unretired and converted into infrastructure.
    • DHCP services (v4/v6)
    • DNS services ala ns2: secondary for my LAN and forwarding to external DNS.
    • Add CNAME aliases for ns3 and dhcp because I’m silly that way.
  3. Reconfigure Eero to use my Raspberry Pi zero ns2 and Cream as its name servers.

The reasoning for this is while Zeta could provide DHCP services easily and the VM running name services has been effective, Zeta not a machine that I want as a single point of failure—but as a single point of truth, it’s convenient.

Notion here being if Zeta sees downtime, as long as it is less than ns2/ns3 take to expire the local zone information, the impact across my household is just the inconvenience of fixing a computer. That is to say, either transient enough of a failure not to cripple things, or epic enough to convert ns2 over into the authoritive using the already in place ready to swap over into master mode setup that I have. And that simply put, Cream wouldn’t be intended to be fucked with or rebooted, and would in tern have a similar failover of moving to Eero’s DHCPv4 and re-enabling forwarding on ns1.

Except for two pains in my ass:

  1. Cream’s CMOS battery has died in storage since its retirement.
  2. Cream is refusing to boot the install media.

Actually, I should probably just see if Magic (my old Raspberry Pi 2) is still laying around somewhere or donate Victory (my Raspberry Pi 3/8G) to the mission. I had intended to load RHEL9, but Debian and I are still on friendly terms :).

Plus, Cream’s tenor as my previous file server included a history of the NUC being a pain in my ass!