Plentiful day really. When I logged on both Valroe and Leon happened to be on. Ahh perfections start. Managed to get Miles for back up, Rasas office for ASCII support, TS2 for Voice over, TG#1 for operations and take care of some business.

Wiz has been showing me around the site. I’m really lucky to have some one to teach me. I know he didn’t, so he had to learn the hardway and fast often enough. Although I am sorry about the amount of AFK’age I’ve put him threw.

Oddly enough, ma was complaning that I “don’ do any thing but sit infront of that ing computer all day”. Well I think Wiz might disagree with her on that <_< ehehe!

Been working threw a nice book on html4/xhtml1/css2. I know that we’re on 1.0/1.1 recommendation & 2.0 working drafts for xhtml. But it helps. I do know my way around plane old HTML enough but I’m not familer with CSS. Casscading Style Sheets do how ever seem a good thing to learn. Oh well hehe. I also need to start learning PHP a bit, I want to inhale the manual some time along with a few others.