Hackish Solutions

Well, couldn’t stand my bloody wireles keyboard any more. Its a nice one, made by a chinise company that specializes in KBs. Restamped Gateway of course.

The keyboard I got for $3 at a library book sale (along with a pretty sweet 15″ Monitor). Has a problem of a sticking left shift. Well I think I’ve fixed it.

I Rolled over the keyboard and unplugged it. Unscrewed stuff and took off the bottom. I unscrewed what looked like a grounding wire and metal plate. Pull off a flat flismy layer with a pattern on it. No clue what its for yet. Then pulled off the wafer that interfaced with the keys. Yes I did read the technical manual to the NCC-1701-D a few to many times when I was young. So ‘wafer’ is in my technical volcabulary, thank you. The thing was pretty clean, so no problems. Packed every thing back up but the key was still sticky. Although not as bad, so what I did. Was to improvise from masking tape & a cable tie (which has been sitting on my desk annoying me for weeks). To make a little anti-stick sticky buffer. So instead of the key getting pushed down far enough to get STUCK it would be buffered back up from the cushion effect. So far it works prety good,maybe 95% of the time no stuck key, vs 75%. Not bad for a quick & DIRTY solution. Not very elagent but gee it worked well :-).