A plan man

Ahhh a theory that proves its snuff.

The MP Warehouse map is a nice little hostage rescue. We have about 4 levels
and two buildings. Theres also a loading dock on one flank.

The first building is a loading area. Roughly 4 floors. Ground, Lower Window
(Sniper area) and Catwalk to second building (hostage 1). Briefing room with
upper window (Large room). Then an upper area with a storeroom and a skybridge
to the second building (hostage 2).

The second building is a large warehouse with stairs on its far Eastern flank
going to Level 2 with the first hostage. Also a stairwell in the center of the
warehouse in the hostage area. Where we have a room like this

__|________| |Stairs up||||
__D________D Window |
| | | -------------------------|
| | | | Cat | |
| | | | Walk| |
| | | |Above| |
| | | _______________|
| | |_____________|Stairs down___|
|_| |
| Few Boxes Many Boxes |
| Hostage |
|____________________________ D __|
| Stairs down|||||||||||||||| |

D = Door

Full of tangos. Theres two on that catwalk above the room that shoot the
hostage in the upper area. That window room has stairs going up to the catwalk.

If those guys are alive and you enter from the stairs ’round thew many boxes.
They kill the upper hostage. Oh most every time today, when we assaulted from
the stairs and catwalk from the other building (to the left of the window
room). The top hostage died, once we lost the lower one hehe.

When I plugged the guys on the catwalk, nada ! The top hostage was safe when we
took the lower. So we could proceed to save the top one as fast as possible.

I’ve been playing long enough with my analytical mind. To start finding reasons
why things work or don’t work. I also bet Hexen a virtual beer on the outcome
of one of the tests. My past tests won me one hehe. So we have to ether take
the upper & lower at the same time. Or take care of those goons. Personally,
what I’m liking when you can have an 8 man team. Set up to snipe the catwalk
guys, have an element bang the brains out of the top hostage area. While
another team or teams take the lower. With 8 men on duty with SD weapons one
could enact a risky but realistically fun (imho) plan of multiple entry &
simultaneous take downs.

Alpha / Red team of 3 to take the top hostage, must clear first building.

Bravo / Blue team of 3 to take the stairs to the lower hostage with bangs. The
RG breaks off, uses gas to cover his flank (left) and sets up to snipe the
catwalk guys using a scoped or automatic weapon.

Charley / Green team of 2 to enters building 1 from the ground floor, backs up
Alpha / Red. While Charley / Green moves onto the catwalk, Alpha / Red moves up
the stairs, threw the upper window briefing room. Up the stairs into the store
room and onto the sky bridge.

All teams report in position, hold for entry on pre-elected team leaders GO
code. On the go, Alpha / Red slides open the door, tosses in 3-4 flashbangs to
cover as much of the room as possible. Including the area near them, the boxes
to the right, and near the hostage at 12 o clock far / catwalk to his left.
Green / Charley kicks in or breachs the catwalk door on level 2 and floods into
the lower hostage area. As Bravo / Blue kicks in or breaches their door on the
stairs, flash bangs and clears. Bravo / Blue and Alpha / Red take their
hostages and get the heck out of Dodge while Charley / Green clears out any
remaining threats.

Just a short idea to thinker with hehe. Basically take all hostages and threats
to the hostages as close to the same time as possible. Using SD weapons to
sneak in to position. Then toss in a few firecrackers and over whelm the tangos
from multiple angles and in multiple rooms at once.

I ain’t no Spider for nut’n man.