Continuation Training, RvS TG#1

Got to run continuation training today. I was hoping me and Miles could get together and get some thing done. Wasn’t to sure if I could get it done but my shifts worked out just right.

Set up 3 scenarios. After being given a chance to get the teams in order & briefed. The EL’s got 5 Minutes to plan the map and 2 Minutes to revise things on failure. Almost no one took these time limits into strong consideration lol.

Scenario #1
Map: Presidio
Mode: Hostage Rescue
Objective: Rescue L1 Hostage quickly
Rounds: 3/3 — fail

Valroe and Sniper took EL with JB, Grishenko, Caern, and Miles as teammates. 2 three man Elements. They were assigned to enact a Dynamic assault, the hostage will be ‘executed’ at a random time frame. Most of the time I set the time frame for 2 or 3 minutes after the first gunshots.

Mission was generally a failure, often time was spent in clearing areas that could’ve been blocked with gas and bypassed. There seemed to be a bit of a lack of communication between EL’s.

Scenario #2
Map: Training
Mode: Tango Hunt
Objective: Secure the area, safely.
Rounds 1/3 — success

I enabled smoke and disabled mini scopes, flash bangs, and gas masks to give it a bit more difficulty. Its just a T-Hunt after all lol. The plan basically consisted of using Smoke screens and clearing the buildings. I if could’ve I wouldn’t enabled cheats and made my self invisible. So I could set up shop /w a SAW and suppress smoke screens to make it harder by shooting at them (i.e. help the tangos). But oh wellz. I grabbed a PSG-1+IR Smoke and Frags and went Sniper to back up the Elements. Valroe finally considered the 5 minute limit.

No one called on my support but most of the team died quickly and LCpl Miles saved the day xD

Scenario #3
Map: Banking House
Mode: Mission
Objective: Secure the records room within 8 Minutes
Rounds 3/3 — success

Miles cooked up the scenario for this one hehe. JB took EL and we went in SD Red and Loud Blue team. The Element did ok but kept getting killed until the last round lol. JB got it planned in ~3:50 but no one paid attention to the 2minute ‘tween round time.

Map went pretty good, aside from Rasa puffing smoke in my face.

I hope next time to have a course of study rather then some generic CT work. I tried to pick harder scenarios. Give’em a real run for their money. The format I stuck with is pretty close to James’s original continuation training. Except he had done the Mission Planning himself for most of it. And done it impressively in <= 2 Minutes if I recall correctly. So I figure 5 Minutes to plan and 2 Minutes to correct is plenty for Recruits lol.