good games

[SAS]_Miles Red 1, Woodlake88th Red 2, [SAS]_Spidey01 EL, Jonsi Blue 1.

Sisters of Mercy Hostel

We had a plan of STC (stealth to first contact). Wedge all the lower doors and enter the kitchen from the rear. Secure it & head up. Simultaneous entries on the top rooms if compromised else stealth.

The plan hit the fan about 15-20sec in. So we wedged the doors and moved into the chapel (we got compromised there). Red held cover on the landing going up while Blue cleared the front of the building.

We regrouped and headed up banging and clearing rooms then headed down threw the chapel and cleared the kitchen area by rolling a flash bang down the stairs from the lower landing.

Every one did very well and the op went off like it was without a hitch. Although the plan few out the window faster then Homer Jay can start drooling over a Duff.

All in all I’m some what impressed for a mixed Element with only four Operators !

It would’ve been great if we had 2 more operators. We could’ve followed it in and cleared the chapel and left a team to secure the hallway. Rather then having to pause and do that first.

Like wise 2 could’ve secured the front area while 4 went top side and clear the entire map quicker.

Oh well, alls well that plays well.