The Software that saved my Arsch

Was doing a little ‘cover’ work so to speak, had to look up a pair of User IDs. Quickest way to do it, since I was to lazy to just run the SQL Query in the right table 8=)

Was to bring up the user accounts details in the editing interface…..

So I accidentally renamed account1 account2 when I meant to bring up account2 in the web interface…

Needless to say bringing up account2 showed me account1’s details !

I changed the username back to account1 and vola it restored every thing as good as knew. At least as far as the site is concerned. *Whew* deffo good thing to have good software… One thing I like about CLI, you always know exactly what you asked for, without having to worry about where you clicked hehe.

Well, if the two users spim my X-Fire in the morning about why their passwords have been switched, I’ll know why ! LOL

My first moment of feeling like Bart Simpson.

I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can’t prove anything.

But of course… I’m honest or else I wouldn’t be posted this <_< If any one asks, well they know who to shoot at.