A Troopers call

A dangerous mission loomed overhead. The commanders of the army could not decide who they should send to do battle. A single man stepped forth from his Regiment.

“I shall go, for I am a Trooper. Surely no one else has been trained to a sharper edge then I have been. Having passed the worlds most rigorous selection course and surpassed it with honours. Who from my Regiment will follow me?”

The squad marched through hell as one Element. When all emerged from the fire after the war. The young Trooper stood tall. The enemy of his country lay slain at his feet. And he said these words to his superiors as he returned home.

“For I am the finest trained, I fight with all of my might till none stand in our way. Yee who shall become my enemy. Shall perish, never again to darken another battlefield. My team stands with me and together we will never stand down till our mission is done.”

Inspired by [SAS]_Trp_DUKE as we cleared the 5th Street warehouse map in SWAT4:TSS.

Nothing fills me with pride like watching a new trooper in the server. While its been a long time since I was a young trooper, no one so shows what the level of skill and craftsmanship as a trooper who has passed the Selection Course 🙂

As an SNCO, its my honour to see those I’ve trained with so long grow. From when they first set foot in the SAS servers. To Recruit, to Trooper, and beyond. Its wonderful!