Memory lane

Booted up SWAT3 just for the heck of it and tried brentwood.

Made sure every thing was set up right.

You know its harder then I remember ! But all the more fun training on it again.

My first run at the insertion, I was mirroring the back window. Had visual contact on a suspect facing away. I swapped to my MP5A3 — while still standing near the window, the blinds for concealment.

Sure enough the suspect turned around and shot me through the blinds when he heard the rustle of metal and plastic ! Now THAT is a smart tango. Later when I turned on the [SAS] Realism Mod. Suspects started to hunt for me and try to attack after they knew I was there. But with an HK53 there was a bit less gap between our armourment then with the 9x19mm Cartridge of the MP5.

Hmmm, time to get training again xD