For as long as I can remember, Thursday has been a monster day of the week ever since I started working.

While we were working upstairs I heard a commotion below. Macy (one of the bosses dogs) was having trouble walking. It was like she couldn’t flex or was trying not to flex her rear starboard leg. When she fell over I thought it might’ve been broken because she couldn’t get up at first.

I fetched the phone so Ma could call the vet… Macy fell over and started to lose control of herself, I thought it was fear of not being able to get up. She was able to get upright and running again…

By the time we got to Kira and the Vet, Macy was all ready spread out on the deck. Having a seizure of some sort. Locked our dogs in the bedroom upstairs so they wouldn’t get in trouble while we rushed her to the vet.

Macy was about 45-50lbs (20+ kg), basically just a Mutt. A bit of pit and chow in the mix I think. Beautiful dog, red’rusty fur and a very sweet temperament., The kind of dog that just sits on you and licks the skin off your face.

Heart beat was rapid during the trip but she couldn’t really control her locomotive functions, she went stiff as a board… mouth clenched shut, eyes following shortly. A short while bit she went slack… no heart beat but my own beating in my ears.

She basically died in my arms half way to the vet. We have no bloody idea what the PhL|©|< caused it. Wasn't us though, the chemicals and supplies we bring to work are kept far away from the dogs. And we(/I) are nearly pathologically paranoid about making sure they don't get into any thing they shouldn't.
Cause of death.. I’d guess would be shock followed by the heart giving out but I’m no doctor. And what started it is beyond me. There was nothing we could do other then rush her to the vet, at best if we had more information before hand. We might’ve been able to wrap her up and roll out faster but its to late.

This is the second time I’ve seen some one I care for die in front of me. It may have been a Dog but its still a living creature. This makes me hug our own dogs all the more tighter….