Hmm, got to see some thing refreshing, a western where they actually used sound tactics. Leapfrogging, stealth movement, the ‘Tin can on a fense post quick draw’ drill, and some proper room clearing techniques in their basic form. Not bad for a simple Western, probably made in the 1960s.

Also got to catch most of Hackers, movies as fake as a 80’s action flick but just as entertaining. It’s after 0600Z, thats like 2am local time… and I just get back to the PC.

You know, I really should stop tying with 10 fingers! I can type about as fast as I can think the words…. It’s quite fast when its my thoughts and not just reiterating some thing else. On typing tests I usually score about 70 some words per minute. In general work, I can type English very fast if I’m not one eye on the ‘original’ text. With how much time I spend on the computer I guess you kind of learn to type quickly when talking… eh chatting, posting what ever.

If I don’t do it quickly, by the time I finish a five minute post… Like an hour has gone by because of being interrupted / sent AFK e.t.c. So I learned to type FAST when I have some thing to say.