Today I’m getting back to work on my primary goal. Seeing to the completion of the SOP Rewrites/Updates.

GCHQ has the final say and will probably have plenty to say about it (if I get demoted to Recruit, you know why :-P). But before that, I want to get it set up for the SNCO’s to review.

So I’m screening through it section by section marking them as ‘ready for snco review’. Once we’re done, we can let the SNCO’s review things. When we’re done with what ever that tells us. Then we fix it up and pass the buck to GCHQ.

Thats where I’ll probably need a stiff drink or a room to pace in.

Also to day I want to start working on some changes to the Room Clearing sections. Notes about dealing with rooms where the idea of going opposite the dork infront of you won’t work. I remember seeing a Video of the IDF Training, and dealing with the same situation. And I’ve seen us pop into the same online often enough.

I’m happy enough if Potential Recruits break PoD/AoR selection down to going opposite the man infront of you. And if Recruits and young troopers develop what I call the “Four Corners Syndrome”. i.e. they think the PoD’s are getting to the four corners of the room. Which actually…. I think thats how I was trained as a Recruit. Its ok with me if thats how they start out, its better then a lot of other things I’ve seen.

But I expect them to evolve past it, learning concepts about the lines of fire, reading the room, improvising to the situation at hand. Selecting good PoD’s and not setting up a crossfire with friendlies with them being the ones getting shot e.t.c.

I really like the diagrams from the United States Army Field Manual 3-06.11, Chapter 3, Section III (Clearing), 3-22.

First mans entry

#1 Goes in

Second mans entry

#2 Goes in

Third mans entry

#3 Goes in

Fourth mans entry

#4 Goes in

And theres one that shows some good adoptions of its final Points of Domination.
Points of domination and sectors of fire

Thats basically how we do it in the [SAS] too. But thers some rooms where thats not a real possiblity. While I wouldn’t expect a Recruit to be perfect, I would expect Troopers to learn to adopt as they gain expirence. What Rasa and I have in mind, might be more suitable to LCpl / Cpl ‘s but I think it is important enough to include it within the SOP’s. Less it be forgotton and people end up bumping into each other in room clearing and wonder why the heck they shot each other by mistake 8=)

You know… I could be spending my Saturday gaming all day before I have to stop at work. But blasting Country Music and working on the SOP’s over lunch works fine by me for today. Keeps my mind occupided and curtails boredom even if its not chill’n on TG#1 & TG#3.

My family really makes it hard to concentrate on my work…..

I wish the local park had free Wifi and A/C Power…. lol Then I could work from there with my laptop.