Ahh home from work and waiting on dinner.

Time for a quick game or three. I’m stuck working an extra two runs every day & on the weekend but their short, maybe 30 min each. Just have to let the two dogs out, feed’em, feed the fish, and RTB (Return To Base).

Lovely place… about as close to out in the country as you can get. Without having a long drive to go any where. Most places out this way are in or near town. But out there, man the lands beautiful. I’d love some day to live out in the country, with the usual techologies of course (PC’s + Broadbanned). I’ve always been in apartments since I was little… So maybe thats it, unless being born in the South has some thing to do with it. One thing I do like about where we live, its in that sweet spot. Where you get heavy weather but not to much damage (usually). Yet you can drive out and within 10-15 miles you can basically go any where. In to town, round the major centres of business or towards the country.

Only trick is its about 30 Miles to Atlanta and the traffic makes it a couple hours drive. I’d love to visit a big city like NYC to see what its like but I wouldn’t want to live in a City, just not my bag.