Operation Excalibur

For what spare time I have when I’m not doing some thing on the current website…. I have some time to work on my ‘little’ project. sasclan.org version 3 !

  • Structure database
  • Create an include for site-wide common routines
  • Write new checklist module
  • Port TeamSpeak and Game Server blocks
  • Upgrade/Rewrite access control system
  • Hack up the shoutbox module
  • Write a new mighty page system
  • Integrate [SAS] Member/Recruit management tasks…
  • Port tactics pages
  • The Live Operations Centre…
  • SACS?
  • Maybe work on another updated theme with Wiz’s help, hmm…
  • Set up downloads
  • Remove unnecessary code
  • *ARG* try to ditch old non standard tags that plague the site….

I’m working on a local server and trying to see if I can make any improvements, after the work we are currently doing on the site. Maybe I’ll have time to finish my project. The website we have now is pretty good, yet… There’s still a lot to be done on the current site.

I think it would be awesome to clean house though :-), umm code.