Well, I finally got some game time this mid-week.

3 Rounds, 2 maps COTT and QFCS in TG#3.

The first round on the Childern of Tarrone map went very nice until I got in the basement. I had taken a stealth to first contact kit with the intent to stay out of site. My MP5+SD with FMJ and a Glock 17 with JHP in case it got thick. Plus a tripple package of Flash bangs, one wedge, and a mirror with C2 charges.

I had a Civi on the insertion (top of stairs) and had to deal with it. So I checked the top, had a tango up there. I couldn’t return fire without injuring the civilian near me (her hand was in the way). But luckily I didn’t have to, he was threatening a Civil. So I side stepped and put a 3rd burst into his upper body. No effect but a stagger, he turned as if to ifre. So I put two in his head on semi-auto. It didn’t kill him but the Fuel Tank behind him blowing up did. The hostage flee’d unscratched some how… lol. Since the position of the body made it look plasuable that it was an ‘accident’, I got out of the area and continued in Stealth.

Got to clear one of the lower side rooms, couldn’t see any one on the first PoE, mirrored the 2nd and saw a Red Head facing the window. So I worked my way back to the first door. I figured if she heard the door, there would be a SG shell for my face when I leaned out to shoot. I was in luck,she didn’t hear it so I got to creep closer. To my suprise theres a second girl (civilian), I got close and gave the Red head a tap on the back with the punch and compliance keys. That ensured a safe and clean arrest, did the same to the very nasty civi and snatched the shotty away from them before cuffing.

The problem is, when I hit the basement on my optiwand I could see one sentry with an AKS-74 and Tarrone walking by, I stacked quick to pop open the door and roll a back in between them. As usual, it was locked so I figured I man as well mirror again. The sentry saw the mirror slide under the door and tried to push it open. I planted C2 hoping not to get shot threw the door (thank you very stupid suspect AI). Blew it and charged in button hooking left. If I had to take on multiple suspects I’d rather not leave any one at my back.

I came round the back pillar to a tango about to surrender. He was just to slow and ended up with a 3rd Burst of FMJ in his shoulder/neck. I cicled around him since he was surrendering, I shouted (I should’ve punched). Then BAM all of the sudden he stands up as I click on my light to see better. And before I can squeese off another burst he shoots me point blank. The 9x19mm FMJ just didn’t cut it…

On Quik Fuel, I tried a stealth to first contact round with the same kit but with JHP for my primary, 1 gas in place of a bang, and M1911 /w FMJ instead of the glock. Went well other then taking a SG shell to the leg at spawn, plan went to heck fast but I managed to clear it ok. Next round I tried Dynamic, 3 bangs, stinger, and opti just in case. P90 with JHP and same as the last round. It went ok, rounded the first corner to a tango, he ran. I sliced the corner more to find two tangos, almost perfect Line of Fire to drop them both if I had FMJ. It’s a good thing I didn’t use FMJ, because a Civi ean between them. I pumped out 25 rounds downing tow suspects and tried not to hit the girl running around like a headless chicken.

Made a clean insertion into the break room and went for the store front with a flash bang. Charged in, I figured I would hook right and use the Cash Register as a foot hold. If there was a tnago there, I’d meet him first, it was only a civilian who dropped to his knees and surrendered. Shotgun shells flew my way, I turned left to return fire only to suck a shotgun shell. I kept moving to my side as I tried to pin point where the shots came from. I got tunnle vision on the barrow and let’er rip with the P90. Unfortinitly that stupid civialian stuck his head up like a moron and got half a dozen rounds passed through it.

Once the smoke cleared I saw that I had 3 suspects close by in the aisles. They had been so close I was able to rake them with gunfire. If it had been real life I would probably been able to push the hostage down to the ground while my #2 took care of the shooters. Since I was alone and it’s a game… SWAT4 has a little issue. That pawns are solid until they surrender. Then you can walk through them until you cuff them or they ‘unsurrender’ in TSS. So I basically walked through the hostage and he jumped up with me standing sort of ‘in’ him… Funky game really. Moved on to coninue the map and clear it. Only loss of score was putting the hostage out with a headshot for jumping in front of my line of fire lol.

*sighs* back to the training.