The journey

While making my huge post in the members forum, it’s given me good time to think. even if it’s taken me about an hour and a half to respond to Noer, survey the NCO Forum, and write that post.

I remember, there was once a time when I considered leaving the [SAS]. I was bored, I was tired of training, for what? I asked. Well, I continued on that road. Because I knew it was going to be awesome and I wanted to help other people find the little joyful group I did.

I guess, it was the tactics and the people that drew me to [SAS]. I had often played on TG#1, because I wanted a place I could play — un molested by rambunctious pests. Where I could play and work on doing the missions in a realistic manor. Eventually, I realised that the [SAS] Members were not only very skilled. But also a great team, one that employed tactics and team work to solve problems. Rather then the Let’s run in there, blow every thing up, and rescue the hostages if they’re still alive. Kind of approach found on many other serves.

I trained my self as hard as I could. While I don’t like to think that way, I may have been one of the best troopers in terms of skill/training time after Python was promoted. I didn’t do any thing other then what I was asked and expected to do. But I did it and gave it my all.

My friend Python was always a good example of a Trooper when I was a Recruit. He trained hard and played hard. Even to become a member of the Elite Sabre Squad, if [SAS] was the tip of the spear in terms of skill and tactics. Sabre was the very sharp point of that. Because I was a Trp and had time to learn. I worked, I learned to use every weapon in the game,w ell almost… I admit I did kind of skip a lot of practicing with the AP Army and WA-2000 for a lot of time lol. I have Never been as strong on core skills as when I was a Trp… I miss those 40-45hr a week gaming sessions.

I got so bored after awhile, I nearly quit. Because I had nothing more to do, and little else to learn. I tried to help out Rand with his Training Sessions but was probably more work for him then help. (Yes I am annoying). I also attended as many Continuation Trainings as I could, even if I didn’t always agree with some of the things James did to make them ‘Film’ ready. I was there to train, not make a movie! lol.

I desided I would remian and serve. Why? Because I wanted to help others find what I did. It’s never really been about me. The things I do, I do because I want to see [SAS] prosper and because it is my joy to help do that.

When I was LCpl, I’d say I was probably a failure. The only good thing to happen is probably being a part of Hexen and Miles training. As a Cpl, I think I was a little more successful. The old ‘Bad ass’ skill levels I had as a Trp were waining but I was gaining experience and I got to teach people. Some thing I really wanted to do. Although it was not my place to do so, nor was I asked to. I tried to help out with the SOP Rewrites.

When I was promoted to Squadron Sergeant Major, I soon found that I had so much more room for improvement. Not just my skills but my thinking. My concepts of room clearing had changed very little between Rct->Cpl, but as SSM they changed a lot. I was able to do more with the SOP work, yet I got to do a lot else. As SSM I spent a lot of time training and gaming. It was very fun. As RSM, well I’ve gotten more work done. What I like about being RSM, I can get stuff done. Without the rest of [SAS], it would never get done. The least I can do, is do my fair share. I don’t always get to play as much as I would like, another 10 hours a week would be fun. But I know with the time I spend on [SAS] that is not in server. That it’s time spent well. All in all, I think my favorite thing about being RSM. Has been the SOP Rewrites. I could now take more initiative, not as much as the only smoe. But as a builder. Most of the SOP Rewrites we’ve done. Has been done by me and Rasa and Miles.

I did a lot of initial work and when Rasa came on board it was like hell fire. Together we did a lot of work and thanks to Rasa’s participation the SOP Rewrites have come out a thousand times better then if I had done it all. Not as fast but so much better that it is worth it. When we got permission to get Miles on board in limited capacity we got even more productive. When he became Sgt, he was essentially fully cleared to work on it. I know Noer regrets not being as involved in the task as we have been, but it’s not his fault.

Why did I want to do stuff with the SOP Rewrites? Well aside from the fact that I’ve been expecting them since I was a LCpl… They needed to be done, and done right. I took a look at the [SAS] Membership as a whole. And there was no one else who was current on both games, RvS and SWAT4. Rasa eventually got current on RvS again and Miles and Lazko have tried to be and stay so. Random, well tbh I wonder if SOP has any effect on how he plays some times. But he arguable has so much experience he is a walking SOP lol.

I wanted to see the SOP Rewrites do justice to both games, be some thing that we could maintain for future generations. And I wanted it to be consistent. So maybe it is great that they are basically the work of 3 people. Well, I can’t forget Moe, all but one PDF (the weapons thing) of the SOP’s on the web site. Were done by Moe when he was active. A lot of it was so good we kept it, hacked it into wording that fitted our needs, and expanded upon it in spots.

What I do in the [SAS], is not for me. It is for the [SAS] — I serve because I want to help make it better. Not because what it can do for me, it is what I can do for it that matters.

I’m not one to stick my neck out. But I am a loyal person. There is some thing about [SAS] that for some reason. I’ve come to consider it as more important then myself. I might not *always* like some things. but I remember, it’s not about ME, it’s about [SAS].

I’ve never asked other people to be like I am in that regard. But that is how it is for me, plain and simple. What’s good for [SAS] is more important then what I want.

A while back, Yuke asked me some thing. Some thing I have thought about and fear some what should it happen… Some thing I would prefer not to do but will do if I am asked. Not because I want to, but because it may allow me to better serve my team. I’d much rather stay where I am but it’s not my choice.

Bollocks! It’s 0225…. Time to get in server. I’ve been itching for some game time since Wednesday and spent all day working. It was Midnight when I got on and I’m stilln ot done with the Forums yet.

Time to hit the servers !!!!!!!!!!