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Kill House: SAS Hallway, Practice Mission on Veteran mode.
Character: Eddie Price (Ex SAS, also Dings 2nd in command of Rainbow in the book).
Armour: Light Blue BDU / Vest.
Primary: H&K MP5A4 SMG with attached suppressor (SD) and JHP Ammo.
Secondary: SIG-Sauer P228 Compact Pistol and FMJ Ammo (no attachments).
Tactical: Primary and Secondary magazines (no grenades).


Before the operation I disabled all elements of the games HUD (Heads Up Display) except for the on screen weapon, e.g. I could see my MP5 but no icons, cross hairs or ammunition counters.

I engaged room by room, trying to be careful of crossing doors and being detected. Opening doors and slicing the pie, often trying to recon the room before entry. I engaged in close quarters shooting with several enemy tangos including having to shoot with hostages between me and the terrorists and tangos in close proximity to explosive barrels (Vive la JHP!).

During the room clearing I was almost injured by an enemy pistol shot during the first leg of the journey, it hit the door jam next to my face. The single shot appeared not to alert near by tangos as I neutralized the threat with my follow up shots. Continuing with my clearing efforts I eventually reached the bar at the end. And the very pretty lady hostage marking the final room 🙂

Things I can improve on:

My Accuracy, 71% might be very good for me but it is not all that great in a hostage situation.

My door/corner handling, I was almost injured slicing the pie because I could see the tango but my muzzle did not have a clearly lined up shot.

Overall pace, could have been a lot faster / smoother.