Individual Skins

To do list…

import customs from SoliderMilhaus

for each supplied do;

edit class file -> change ‘Special Air Service’ to ‘SAS_Name’ so it *fits* in the bloody loadout screen, thank you!

overwrite heavy armour textures -> Fix bug in old SAS Skin (he used the files)

finish screwing with my skin

import rasa’s skin

replace old SAS Skin no armour vests with new version and append


to the name tags

add SoliderMilhaus personal and personal lapd skin (as thank you for suppling these skins).

create installer for personal skins.

On the other hand, also finish work on regular skins and make installer for that. Include LAPD SWAT Skin with it for good measure. Maybe old ‘SAS’ uni to I dunno

bed time, brain is crashing.