Never forget

Today is the 10 Year Anniversary of my Grandmothers death.

I can remember the last time I saw her, in the hospital the night before. Ma was with her and I was in the front, I wasn’t supposed to be allowed back there (1 visitor at a time I guess). But one of the nurses led me back after awhile so I could see her… I guess they probably figured it was past the point of doing harm.

Ma had found her on the floor and called for an ambulance, I found out about it in the morning so I never saw any of it. Maybe I wasn’t meant to really… I don’t think I’ve really thought about any of this over the years. But with my brains context-sensitivity to recalling things I can still remember it quite well.

The next day after the trip to see her, we were told she past away during the night.

As much as I miss my Grandmother at times, I know I should be happy because she’s in a more peaceful place. And she no longer has to worry about the Alzheimer’s.

It’s been 9 years since we moved and she died a few months after we had come back from Georgia. She had gotten to see where we were (all) moving to and meet my (then future) sister in law. It was like even through the Alzheimer’s she needed to know the family was going to be ok before she left.