RSM’s Challenge

Well… I’ve hated not being able to place a score in my own training challenge. I’m used to training on the map with tactical aids and various weapons, although James has often reminded me that it’s not meant for no tactical aids. I like the map because the doors, tangos, and hostages make it a bit tricky.

Especially with the bugs in RvS hehe. I believe in making training hard on my self, why bother if it was easy? I also like playing without a HUD in RvS, because it lets me focus on letting my body work the weapon — not my cross hairs. While I’m horrible at counting my bursts (I tend to lose count) I’ve used many of the weapons so much that I know when to consider reloading without having to check my ammo counter. Even with a HUD on, I usually use it for reminding myself what firing mode I’m in lol.

Kill House: SAS Hallway, Practice Mission on Veteran mode.
Character: Eddie Price (my normal).
Armour: Light Black camo.
Primary: H&K MP5/10A2 10mm FMJ no attachments/
Secondary: SIG-Sauer P228 JHP no attachments.
Tactical: Primary and Secondary magazines.


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Only HUD I had was the on screen weapon, I never zoomed and I only used the Sig Sauer for the barrel room because it had my JHP ammo. Fully Automatic on my HK all the time and firing in controlled bursts. I entered each room during clearing except the dark one with the stairs. And one of the ones at the far end I only took a few steps into the room to confirm it clear since it was full of bodies and obstacles I could see through well enough. I also allowed my self to bare in mind the rooms structure when stacking, so I would be on the strong side as often as possible. But without taking into account the suspects positions… which actually almost got me killed on one room.

I tried to keep things going as stack, swing, slice, storm, and move on to the next reloading before a popping another door. From runs I’ve had in the past i know 2:09 is pretty slow but I wasn’t worried much about time so much as actually completing the level.

I *hate* the idea of asking any one to train harder then I would train my self… While the [SAS]_RSM_Spidey01 in me can understand why people can’t do this kind of thing. The [SAS]_Trp_Spidey01 deep down can’t stand not being able to push it harder and further then that last mile stone.

I created the next level of hard training for my self, my personal training… And then asked others to try and do it. People wanted some thing they could practice double tapping on, and I thought this scenario would do the trick. It’s nagged me that I couldn’t do it my self.

How can I ask some one else to do it if I can’t?

Now I can sit back and find my self some thing harder for me to train on. And I can probably try improving my time on the Spidey Speed Run Challenge. I know I could do it faster but I think12 seconds is not worth it when I could try making it harder on me instead, like using a weapon horrible for CQB.

Hmm, you know MP Peaks, Tango Hunt, MP5SD5, no scope and lots of ammo sounds like a good no hud training map for me…