old books

Well, when I left Recruits Jarle and Ambu I had planned to lay down… I guess you could say that I’m not the kind to rest and relax when there’s stuff to be done =/.

I only really know two modes of operation, lazy quick & dirty and as good as it’ll come workaholic.

Manged to get Dixie (my laptop) cleaned up a bit, nice to be able to see my LCD TFT again. Tried to get things much neater but I really need to dismantle her and pull out the keyboard. So I can clean up all the grit and doghair underneath it. That is a little more involved then I’ve had mind for right now… best do that when I’m not so tired.

Done some good in re-organzing my shelving — yes I got bored trying to relax =/.

Hahhaa, it figures I get up for 50 seconds or so. And Willows practically sitting on my laptop with a dog toy….. Bollocks.

I’ve been unpacking the 3 boxes of old school books my brother left me (moving away).

The Math, English, Planning your carrier, Social Civics, and Psychology are basically the same as the ones I’ve been doing — it is the same schooling system. The US History and Biology are different, very different. The huge plus is his Biology book is like a 3rd as thick as mine… The one I’ve worked in I’ve also learned a lot more by looking stuff up in the encyclopedia then reading the text book — the joys of school !

Several books on Spanish, not a language I plan on learning but always useful (particularly the good EN-ES dictionaries). The only languages I consider learning are Italion, German, and Japanese. My mom wouldn’t understand a lick of the Italion unless I learned the dialect from where are ancestors come from — and I would want to learn the standard. Japanese would be to much work, so I think trying to learn German was a good idea of the 3 lol. As it figures the school only offers Spanish and french (basic) — lots of luck.

The real gold is the Algebra and Geometry books, I have yet to get mine…. It’s stuff that interests me but that I’ve never had time to devote to learning any of over the years.

Since I’ve sort of inherited this stuff, I guess I should decide what use I an put it to in my studies. The math, I proably should make use of. I’d rather write a computer program to do it for me then sit there and waste my time (I’m not a calculator in school kind of person). And the sad thing is I’d learn more writing a program to do my home work for me then doing the home work….. The funny thing is? He copied a friends answers for most of it hahaha. For the English, well my grades in English have been worst, like a B average and most of the handful of C’s I’ve ever gotten.

This stuff could help me get my own school work done.. And it is important that I get volume done now, rather then correct any way. The only thing is I don’t really like the idea of using old test results to write mine =/, but then again i don’t really have any interest in writing any of the tests out for my school… just a case of having to. Which sucks b/c all it has been doing is wasting my time and that is not good.

I’ve learned more educating myself on different topics then I have learned from schooling and get no credit for the things I’ve learned out side of it. *sighs*

When I graduate… I think I would piss on the diploma if it wasn’t so much trouble to get =/