Some training time

Time to think of my lesson plan a bit for tomorrow. I’m hoping to do some work on T-Junctions, Intersections, and Hallways in RvS.

I’ve only got 2 good stock maps in mind for it and one custom that’s on the server. That I think would be great since it has plenty of areas we could use. I just need people in the training session who have the bloody map installed before I can use it =/.

I can also use the time to do a little drilling on shooting techniques

I’d like to do some stair well drills but there are no good stair wells in RvS, most are safe tactically…. Which is good because most are so glitchy you’d be dead if you had to get in a shoot out going up/down all the time.

For SWAT4 I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing when it comes to maps.