Days recap

A good nights rest followed by morning errands and the usual first on stuff I don when I log on my computer.

Around 1400-1800 local I ran some training. I hope people learned from it, personally I feel like I tend to get a bit of a boring ‘professor windbag’ nature in spots… But that’s just my opinion lol. We covered T-Junctions, Intersections (in less detail), and I showed them all 3 methods in the SOP’s — usually we only teach one. But hey, if I’m doing a training session where T-Junctions are the focus, I’m bloody well going to try and show them all the elements of it! As long as people are interested in learning it.

We also got to try an idea I had awhile back about leapfrogging through a hallway with an opening in the side. Some thing I’d like to include as a standard method of movement if the Damocles Project ever goes green. It worked quite well one we tried it and did it a couple times so every one understood how to do it. But as we all found out, unless every one knows what they are doing it’s to hazardous lol -> Perfect subject of rmembers focused training xD.

I also got to talk/show them a bit about exposure and movement. Like, if your moving down a hallway and an enemy was to walk into the hallway a head of you. Where do they see first? Where will they see last? And that’s the spot you want to be standing hehe.

Also worked a bit on Double tapping, I’ve never really trained on that before, to be honest I think I never trained any one else in some of the things we did today lol. Unless you count my self or a few on the fly demostrations. I think the shooting sid ewent ok, it’s still felt a little odd though. For me learning it was some thing I did during my other training, not some thing that I did especially.

Joined the boys for a few rounds in TG#3 aftewards before Dinner and got to enjoy the usual problem. In this case, between My mother, the phone, the TV, the Dog, the yelling/shouting of SWAT4, and Random I couldn’t figure out what the heck we were doing loool.

Double helpings of pasta and meatballs for supper and a brownie so this is a good day lol, any one that includes pasta… hehe.

I could think of some thing that would really help me finish off the day right, but I know it’s not a factor so no need to torture myself…

As for tomorrow, ether training or a live op int he SWAT4 dept depending on whose online and when hehehe.