The difference between ammunition

Normally I’ll keep one FMJ and one JHP weapon on me at all times, in case I need to shoot through some thing or NOT shoot through it.

My kit,

Helmet, No Armour.

H&K G36C Entry Carbine, 5.56x45mm FMJ.

Glock Model 17 Pistol, 9x9mm JHP.

3x Flash Bang, 1x CS Gas, 1x Sting grenades and C2 package.

Fresnal Station was the map, most targets only have shirts or coats on, no body armour.

On average it took at least 4 rounds from my G36 to put down the target. Using my Glock it was an average of 2 rounds -> and I normally try to fire a tap into the targets high centre of mass and follow up with a tap to their head/neck.

The G36 is much more powerful then the Glock, but because of the JHP Ammo the Glock was a lot more powerful and effective against the enemies on Fresnal then the G36 with its FMJ ammo.

I’ve generally found in SWAT4 that it’s usually worth while to switch to FMJ/JHP depending on if the enemy has armor or not. My only complaint is that the JHP tends not to penetrate a GAS MASK to well… Not good when I have a habit of relying on head shots to make sure the target is going down hard (kill shot) when I’m firing at close range (1-2 metre).

I suppose it’s better then Raven Shield through…. 3 Round Burst, MP5/10A2 (10mm) with JHP and all 3 rounds hit the window but won’t hit the tango behind it unless you do a 1..2.3 firing, e.g. 1 shot to break glass and a staggered followup shot(s) to hit the tango as the glass finishes breaking.