Todays live ops and my history

Todays live op went s’ok, a bit sticky at first getting every thing organized. Every thing went quite well other then Chester getting killed on the first floor…. We cleared room by room and it was ok until Duke and Lake went down on the fourth floor.. I was the last smoe still in one piece and that only lasted until about 2 stair wells down.

I saw the tango make as if to flee, so instead of using my last stinger I leaned out to fire… BUt instead of kicking out the door and running away as Tangos usually do in S4 when they flee. He shot me through the metal railing with an MP5, you could hear the bullets blink off it haha. Second time I’ve gotten ‘stung’ for being so stupid lately… Next time I just call up the tac aids.

I think this is about the dozen’th live op I’ve set up, I know there are 2 Live Ops on the site I’ve yet to do. Went through and compiled a summery of my own live op history. Kind of nice to be able to review my record… Usually if I look into live op history it’s because of compiling peoples service records.

live op name (position if noted/remembered). All the ones I created include (TOC) in the position notes. The rest I only participated in. The creators of the various live ops vary between James, Myself, En4cer, Wiz, Noer, Rasa, Sniper, Lake, and Yuke I think.

My live op history:

747 Hostage Rescue (Sniper+Blue 2)
CP Peaks
Operation Black Gold (EL)
Codename Deep Water (Red 2)
Arctic Recon (TOC)
Fallen Angel (EL)
Mogadishu Mile (EL)
Hostage Rescue (Red 2)
Save the Prince (Independant Tech+TOC)
IRA Sting (TOC+Sniper)
Codename: Legal Eagle (Red 1)
Operation Drug Lab (Red 1)
Operation Nightlance (EL)
Dockside Dragons (TOC)
Bavarian Bandits (TOC+Spotter)
Operation Amazon Assault (Sniper)
Operation Blizzard Assault
Street Sweep (Red 2)
Highland Prison (EL+TOC)
Hunting Klaus: Island Fury (Red 2+TOC)
Hunting Klaus: Safe House (Sniper+TOC)
Hunting Klaus: Trial by Fire (TOC)
Operation: Avenue Sweep
Creeping Death Part I (Blue 2)
Hacks and Daggers (TOC+Blue 2)
Operation Worst X-Mas (EL)
London Library Under Seige (Blue 1+TOC)

I think Iw as downed in about 12 of them 🙁 As I usally remember after a successful live op, “At least this time I didn’t get shot in the tookus” lool. The 747 op was actually my very first. Cobra was EL and James was conducting, we had two assault teams. One would be blasting in from the main hatch; the other from the lower access way. Cobra and I with PSG-1 rifle and P228 pistol in hand paved the way to the jet and secured the cargo hold before taking up the 3rd aslt position from the lower-access ladders.

Recon was the only one to survive the assault, while most of us lived a fair way through it. The graphics card intense siege and tangos sliding between chairs eventually caused a lot of causties. He managed to get the pilot out and hunt down the Co-Pilot in the next building saving the day.

Most of the other Live Ops I was in gave me a good chance to enjoy live ops, although I don’t consider most of my participations successful because in most, win or fail, survival or KiA, I usually got shot up one way or the other… I remember Noer’s Mogadishu Mile live op, I was EL and we lost 2 people very quickly. It ended with Me and Lazko as the last men standing, bleeding to death if you noted our health bars, and a handful of bullets left between us! Think he had an M4 and I had a Sniper Rifle + Glock about to go dry. A lot of guys have made live ops over 30 since I joined [SAS], more then I’ve been able to participate in lol.

Arctic Recon, Save the Prince, IRA Sting, Dockside Dragons, Bavarian Bandits, Highland Prison, and the three Hunting Klaus live ops: Island Fury, Safe House, Trial by Fire were all apart of my live campaign and have inter connected stories. I conducted them and tried to avoid being in the Element. That reminds me Operation Vengeance, the 3-part finally still needs to be launched !! The only thing holding it up is finding a sound-clip to mix in for an Air Strike.

Hacks and Daggers and London Library Under Siege were two live ops I just had an itch to do one and went out and made them. The others were mostly planned… I always try to be helpful to my fellow members when they are doing a LO because I’ve done enough on both ends of the pond to know a fair bit lol.

Live Ops are one of the things I love about [SAS], you get a map, a mission, and one chance to save the day — which will it be?

Most of the live ops I created were successful and when they were not, usually a grade A disaster!

I think some thing most of my peers don’t know is that in real life, big special forces operations can and probably often fail just as often as they succeed. I never have really paid attention to our track-record as a team because the records only go back so far into our history, [SAS] was founded in ~2001 after all. I do have fairly detailed records for the live ops I’ve done for the live campaign though.