Well, after quite some deliberation, I made my decision last night: I will not resign from the [SAS]. Irregardless of what comes next, I can’t walk away from [SAS] so easily; any more then I could walk away from the love of my life (It’s often been my point of view, that if I could put up with this much shit from SAS, if I got married, my wife would never have to worry about me leaving her — hence the reference lol). By all the probabilities that can be weighed, I’m more or less expecting to be let down by my commanders this time around, but hoping GCHQ still proves me right in the long run. That issue resolved, I guess I can [digitally] burn my prelude to resignation letter (unsent) and move onto the other sectors of my life; which do need some dedicated thought. If I can invoke such methodically precise thoughts on tactical matters, and in programming issues, why not put the brain towards improving life?

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