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The one thing my room lacks, a comfortable working area..

Problem list

  1. furniture is expensive !
  2. my room is “used” for storage… with and without my permission
  3. no raw materials
  4. raw materials are costly too

Now on the other hand, I do have an old book shelf that has been a pain in the neck for years.. I don’t think I could make a worse desk of it then it already is as a miserable book shelf !(^_^)!

A simple pedestal desk like design comes to mind but without the drawers, to complicated and time consuming to build without either spending $$$ I don’t have or finding some thing else to cannibalize for parts. I figure, cut the main vertical boards in half’ish from the book shelf.. Mount them side by side on top of a set of boards (legs/pedestals). And use one of those old project board things from school as a backing to lend stability to it. Much the same trick used by whoever designed the computer desk that I bought lol.

The question of it being free standing or making a bottom board for it to rest on the desk with is a variable factor. It would be simple enough to duplicate the top piece, in effect making the desk usable upside down if necessary haha! But for the primitive building knowledge I have which is basically common sense. And the limited resources, namely what ever I have “inherited” which hopefully still includes one of my Dads saws!

I’m not exactly a handy man but one could always hope for a little Genetic potential… My father was quite skilled and so was my mothers father. My logical ability however out weights my operational experience, needless to say common sense + few resources = all I got if I try it. If I actually had enough money to buy material (or newer tools) I could probably afford to buy a bloody desk and assemble it myself <_<.

Because what I’d be dealing with here is using a bookshelf for wood and mostly being limited to a hammer, nails, and sandpaper for putting it together lol. Crude by most peoples standards of the job but effective when you’ve got nothing better to work with I must admit. Hmm, I wonder if I could actually pull it off… The only real problem is where to put the darn crap from the shelf, since other people have already filled my last free space.

It really would be nice if I could get away with it and a big plus, I could cut it to just the right height to sit at it and use my laptop 😉

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  1. Originally posted on my Live Journal:

    subject: Desk
    by: (Anonymous) at 2008-02-03 07:29 pm (UTC)
    comment: Tools: None

    Desk Materials:

    An even number of concrete block (or appropriate sturdy equivalent)
    An old door . . . especially the cheap ones with thin cover over the cardboard waffle center)


    Stack blocks into four columns and an even height
    Lay old door onto columns

    Desk with Drawers:
    Two old 2-drawer filing cabinets.
    Lay old door onto filing cabinets.

    subject: Re: Desk
    by: sas_spidey01 at 2008-02-04 07:52 am (UTC)
    comment: That would work great if I had two sturdy things of the same height to use without ripping apart the bookshelf to get them lol.

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