Dynamic Coffee Break

A little test of XFire’s Video BETA feature. The original is about 2.49GB of AVI file but the image quality is equal to my game. This ones been converted to a 43MB VCD compliant MPEG file and uploaded to my photobucket profile (uses flv/flash)

My dynamic coffee break on the MP Presidio map. I think this is a good enough example of pace — Dynamic is as fast as is safe, if you’re not safe you are going to fast. If you can go faster without losing safety, you’re to darn slow. The video is however not an example for others, it’s a demo of what can be made from the video capture in xfire 😉

A pretty typical kit for me, Eddie Price (UK; SAS) character, H&K MP5A4 9x19mm FMJ; Sig Sauer P228 9x19mm JHP; 6 Flashbangs; Light Green BDU. All weapons without attachments and the crosshairs off.

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This is far from a perfect run, I see at least 9 or 10 things that are just obvious fowl ups on my part. Lucky for me being an RSM does not mean you play like a God… lol. I wanted to take a video to see if I could use XFires video system for training purposes without having to ‘get’ a camera man to video for me.

Technically this was just fooling around but some of the obvious errors every one can see are:

/* note: timer is from counting up from 0, as in WMP. */

  1. reloaded in the nude, missed the door button
  2. overly exposed while deploying flash bangs (box room 1min in)
  3. Forgot to slice the corner at top of the stairs (I was being flanked and in a hurry)
  4. Again I greatly exposed myself while deploying the bang against the enemy on the stairs / foot of stairs.
  5. missed bang upstairs (1:49) and demonstrated poor aim. Throwing grenades accurately without the reticle enabled is sadly one of my big failing points during my own trainings…
  6. I didn’t check the corner before entering crevice on top of the back stairs (2min in) — I could’ve been shot in the back of the head.
  7. 3min in, didn’t know what I was doing before I got to my point of entry (double door, bang diversion + rush other). You can see the moment of hesitation as realization hits me
  8. The back ally (3:50), I took the most exposed route to improve my accuracy for fear a side-sweep would let one of them get behind me. In the end the next group of X-Rays basically had me pinned down in a very bad position (4:20).
  9. Very poor accuracy overall for an [SAS] Member — 50% or 54/108 (rounds on target / fired)

Most times I reloaded I was a bit ‘lite’ on ammo. I’ve used the MP5A4 long
enough in RvS that I can ‘feel’ my shot groupings out so I know when I’m
reaching a dangerous level of remaining rounds. The bean counter is helpful for statistical purposes lol. Although ideally one would want to reload around 14~16 rounds instead.