Some what of a strange dream…

Some where in the middle east, with a friends unit, dressed in civilian cloths, with the patrol, and carrying an SA-80 to boot.

The squad was coming out the back of a building and loading people into the Humvees. I saw a runner with a rifle and started shouting some thing like “Tango 4 o’clock” at my friend but he didn’t hear it… he kept moving. The enemy raised his AKM to fire at him so I shouldered the SA80 and put a double tap into him.

While killing is arguably the only serious problem I have with the idea of military service… Your squad or the prick out to kill all of you? That is kind of a forced decision if I’ve ever heard of it, especially if you’re armed.

Tango on the deck, friends alive… much preferable don’t you think?

What a strange dream for an American!

Especially when you consider I’m more partial to the H&K G36K Rifles then the American M16A4 and British SA80A2s hehe.