Ok, this is like a new low in dumb fucko-stupidly…

I’m sitting here reading a link with a friend, when I see something funny about a certain Microsoft character that we were laughing at earlier, and I’m a fast reader. So I figure, right click on it, view image, and send him the URL to it directly.

When I went to right click, I got a popup saying “Sorry folks”, this image is copyright of thissite.com /or it’s respective owners, blah. This is what I can dumb as using nails to bake a cake. A quick look at the HTML sent to my browser revealed the location of the image on the server. A little light path (de)mangling later and volia!

clippy on the trac

I should note that the image is copyrighted 8=) and that whoever designed that popup is a dumb fuck of the first class idiocy brigade, if they think it actually would work. And if they actually did it by choice, rather then being forced too, oy vey, they are just to stupid to deserve any future traffic from me ^_^.

Like, Duh, the browser needs public access to the image to display it! So why put up a noob-screen when any Tom, Dick, and Harry knows where to track it down. Although, as my friend also commented, I could have just disabled Javascript in my browsers settings, but why should I have to do that?

Honestly, some of the things I see on the web…. Makes me just want to shout


Because I can’t think of any other non-arm twisting excuse to warrant it lol.