Well, this was some bad news.

My mother told me to get off the computer, so I did (for once). Turns out that the other end of her phone call wasn’t who I thought it was, my Aount called and told her that Grandpa Ken passed away on Monday.

I’ve never met him, so I guess that’s what bothers me. Most of my life, Grandpa Ken has sent me a check every birthday and Christmas, but never a card…. The one thing I actually wanted from him, was the card! (or even a note) But as Ma always said, it wasn’t his way of doing things.

It reminds me, a couple of weeks ago; I had a very strange dream. I dreamt that for some reason we were all in Texas, and everyone was going off somewhere. But I was staying wih my grandfather and having lunch with him (Chili). In all my years of memories, never once can I recall dreaming of him :. And I remember a few months ago as well, one of my pictures fell un-provoked on two occasions. In my room, on top of the TV is perched the DVD player, and an array of pictures standing guard. My mother and Father, and then one of each set of grandparents. The thing that had alarmed me, was that it was my parents picture to fall over… That really got me praying for my familes safety.

My mother usually reports that certain things will happen when certain other things happen, e.g. stuff falling for no reason == death. I don’t really believe in such things, but she’s generally as accurate as a sniper in the long run…

Ma is a little annoyed, because it’s likey that my Aunt will get everything and I won’t get crap. I don’t want anything, I’ve never cared about money, people are what’s important. I would very much have liked to see him, or at least to pay my respects at the funeral… Probably just as well, no way to have made the trip to and back anyway +S. To be honest, if I did inherit anything, I’d rather it be film of him and the rest of our family, or something like that rather then anything else.

That’s another face, that I’ll have to look for in heaven someday. My father, now both sets of grandparents, only one of which I ever met… A good friend, and two older brothers. And my God mother, but that’s a day hopefully in the far future.

R.I.P. Grandpa Ken