Installed DF:BHD & patched it yesterday, to pass some boredom. About halfway to 2/3 through it, and I’ve noticed that it has become buggy as heck lol.

So far I’ve had…

  • Random crashes, maybe AI or Geometry related
  • Fell though a solid wall — wow
  • the shotgun has become a paper weight; give me a M9

One thing that both pleased, and pissed me off… in the mission to night-sneak into a building a few blocks down, without being detected. I kept perfect stealth until the AI decided to “take point”, walk into the light, and get us shot at lol.

The AI also can’t cover worth crap.

Two irksome things on one mission, about to drop down a hole and one of the NPC shouts, “think we should flash’em?”, and the PC replys, “Hell YES”. I had already dropped my flash before the exchange, and guess what — I drop down, the bang landed in their faces and nothing worked ^_^

The auto-reload on weapons dry, and auto-reload on ammo-box pick up is also as annoying as I remember. When the gun goes dry, ya don’t reload – you draw a pistol and keep movin’ but, I guess the developers never thought about that. Stumbling over an ammo-box and nearly dying, because you are suddenly stuck reloading a CAR-15 in a shoot-out ain’t nice either ^_^