git rules, cvs drools

Hmm, after a using git for all of my stuffs these past few days…..

CVS can go rot in hell, someone actually wrote a real system 😉

As much as I try to keep my OpenBSD box lean & mean, git is fairly light on runtime dependencies:

Terry@vectra$ cat /var/db/pkg/git-                            

libiconv is required by other things I use, and I believe gettext depends on it, and a lot of stuff uses gettext lol (uh, almost everything). curl and rsync are also useful to have around, and rsync I actually would want installed anyway (just in case I need it someday). So really, there is no serious dependency issue from it, since OpenBSDs standard git package doesn’t include the TK gui tools like FreeBSDs does. TBH, although I usually keep tcl/tk on my development systems, I never use tcl or tk-bindings. And I really have no desire to use any git front ends, nor gitk/git-gui for that matter.

Using git after getting used to living with CVS for so long, I can’t help but wonder….. why the **** anyone uses CVS anymore. Even Subversion is easier to live with then CVS, but not always a fun thing to install/manage at times, ‘least it is well documented (and tirival for cvs users to pick up hehe).

git… simple, effective, fast, and not brain damaged.