A little DooM II: HR

Spawned in the middle of a field like area, heard of imps at the 12, and a wolf pack of Mancubus to the 9. Crazy critters flying about with big guns and arachno-things snipin’, pure madness. Took a couple of lives just to get into the “grove” of evading the shots lol. I forget what difficulty I have the game set to, but just looking at the things section in the wiki, goes to show the mixture of nasties on the map. So many baddies crawling around it was a dance between hit-and-run super shotgun, paint the plasma gun blue, and rocket frenzy lol, The hard part was the rocket launching critter around the one key.

By the time I got to MAP15: Gates to Hell (Hell Revealed), and managed to fight it down to just the imps on the wall… it got almost a chore to clear out survivors lol. DooM makes a great way to relax some brain cells though -> don’t care what the fuck that huge mother ****ing thing is called, but it’s getting a quartet of rockets shoved up it’s ass kind of moments lol.