Was playing a bit of Ghost Recons PlayStation 2 editiion, after so many years of CQ in [SAS], I really hate the AI more then I used to lol. One nice thing though, despite that it seems micro-management (barf!) or leaving by the wayside the Squad AI isn’t much use tactically beyond (very) simple fire and maneuver. One nice thing though, was scouting 20~40m ahead of the assault group when I spotted a sentry in a ditch; amazingly he didn’t notice me laying some 25 meters to his side, even with a tweedle dee and tweedle dumb giving away my snipers position 8=)

swapped fire teams and moved Alpha up, plugged a M203 into the ditch and then switched back to the sniper on Bravo to pick off anything fleeing from Alphas SAW.

Now if only the dipsticks didn’t cross my line of fire so often, lol. In terms of friendly AI, for what they are capable of GR has good squad AI, but sadly still needs baby sitting for anything beyond rules of engagement. I have no exposure to the AI community, but most video games have the “Artificial” part right, they just lack “Intelligence” to go with it.