Clear with a vengeance!

Ok, I can take the lag, I can almost stand a 9x19mm P228 compact pistol packing a harder punch then a 7.62x67mm (.300 Cal) Winchester Magnum WA 2000 sniper rifle with half the stopping power of the 9mm…. but this is just to much.

Teammate trew a frag into the room I’m in, stampedes the tangos and flushes me right into them.

I can stand the tangos, but if y’all want to start frag-flushing me into a 4 on 1 dance off… I ain’t getting on my dancin’ shoes, I’m gettin’ a bigger freakin’ gun.

H&K 23, 5.56x45mm NATO Light Machine Gun —> room cleared with a vengeance like no other baby!

(and no, I didn’t shoot the idiots on my team, I shot that tangos lol)