Tonight brought new meaning to “Now I’ve seen it all”

Since I’m off for a few days, I figured why not have a little fun; so I joined the new Proving Ground EU for a couple.

Oh boy, did that give knew meaning to the expression, “Now I’ve seen everything”. I was clearing the first building on parade line up, when all of a sudden I hear a tango behind me…. spin ’round and hose’em. The funny thing? It looked as if he had jumped on my helmet and fell off, lol. The real jaw dropper on the other hand…

Last man standin’ and almost finished with the map, one of those moments where it pays to bet on the human…. I was moving up to the roof via the ‘bad door’, warpy old bastared zipping between pistol shots, looks clear over the left ledge; so I tossed a bang far and RAN for the nearest cover, slid around and popped the terrorist leader… continued on and died with a crazy look

There was a terrorist inverted, laying on the / shaped window frames and ‘dancing’ as if he was a spiderman crawling on the wall…. even worse, he was shooting downwards into the glass, when he took off my head lol.

I wish JB had a screen shot of that tango, it was a !@%!%!^%^)U^!)U(^)! shocking moment, but of course, I didn’t say that in server ^_^