Today I woke up feeling like microwaved crap and a headache to match; you have a pulse, you report for work—that’s the way it is.

The thing that really cheered me up today, was my roughly annual periodic weigh in. Last year it was like 180~182 lbs (~82kg), today the scale read 160 lbs (~72.575kg) which is a much more comfortable range for me… lol. I’ve never wanted to go much past 180, and for much of the last decade, have been gaining around 10lbs (4.5kg) a year.

What’s changed between today and the last time I set foot on a scale? Not a whole lot really, the real food in my diet is likely worse on calories then ever before; but I have largely cut out junk food and snacks. When I do snack, it is usually something healthy like a bowl of Special-K or a banana. That being said, I only eat about 2 meals a day lol.

For virtually my entire life I’ve only had soda as my staple drink, usually about 1 litre a day. In 2008, I basically switched totally to drinking water at roughly 1 1/4 to 1 2/3 litres a day.

When it comes to exercise, I basically get none outside of work and walking the dog. The last several years have had my room used for storage and laundry racks, resulting in a bogus amount of space—being cooped up in this hellhole doesn’t help either. Who knows, maybe misery and depression are a better form of weight loss then diet and exercise… :-/. If this toe ever gets back to a suitable point, that I can accomplish reverse lunges without stumbling, I can start exercising. Moving things around and systematically pushing crap out, has helped double my effective free-space in my room…. and a major goal of Operation Redeemer is the freedom to GTFO of here periodically.

Normally I carry Willow out to where we walk, and occasionally let her walk the way home: if she will cooperate. Today, I told Willow that “You probably need the exercise more then I do”, and let her jog there. When it was time to come home, she looked at me with a nasty glint and decided we would jog home—and pooped out along the way! Hahahaha!

Who knows maybe Operation Redeemer would be good for my health, if family doesn’t chuck a spanner down its neck…..