More [SAS] Dept. of Agriculture

My work on the ‘[SAS] Dept. of Agriculture’ is nearly done, I have only 3 rooms left to do major work on, plus the “special” insertions hehe.

The goal is to be able to use the fire escapes outside the records room to gain entrance, replacing one of the spawn points. I may also modify the front-entrance spawn, so that the team spawns “outside” in a armoury room rather then the reception area. The building is supposed to be a mock-up for a hostage rescue after all, not purely a traditional map: so it wouldn’t be a big realism problem :-P.

Alcomplishing those aims appears to be easier then I expected. The real challenge at the moment, is I very much would like to erect breachable “Barricades”, that will have to be shoved out of the way. Getting that working so far has been of no real luck.