Goodbye toe, hello pancake!

Ok, so far my toe has been slammed into a couch and healed… then slammed into a step at work, and healed improperly. Last week I showed it to an acquaintance who is a nurse, and she came to the same conclusion I had – time to see a doctor (and have the dead tissue removed).

This morning when getting ready to leave for work, 12 hard cover books fell off the table and landed on the same damn toe lol. I’m lucky they weren’t novels 350-450pg thick, or there wouldn’t be a foot left let along a toe! No serious damage added, if there is actually anything more to damage… just a bit of blood flow. Cleaned it up and threw a bandaid on it before heading out the door, it likely stopped bleeding by the time we got to work.

In some ways, I think I now will look at Spaceballs with an extra chuckle: whenever Barfs foot gets crushed under a Yogurts statue…