MechWarrior – rebooting?

I just got the most awesome hyper shockin’ news of the month! I’ve been talking to people a little more about my past, and I got a notion to see if a clan I used to be friendly with was still around—turns out they just turned 10 years old hehe. On their forums I found this link:

It appears that MechWarrior may rise again, or die in a deep development hell. It also seems that the folks at MekTek have gotten the rights to release MW4: Mercs + Clan/IS MekPaks for free, and that MekTek MekPak 4 is in development. Me and my wings retired during the days, so I have not kept up with the MW4 community since diving into [SAS]. I have the game disks still, and am starting to wonder how many people still play it online.

I really wonder though, if someday I will get to see a new (and good) MechWarrior game on the market. Oh man, it could be so good… hmm, who knows maybe we might regroup someday and kick some ass again. Next time my old friends log in, I need to send them a msg lol. We’ve largely gone our separate ways but still bump into each other every now and then but have really gotten out of sync I guess. But, then again that is the nature of distance I suppose.

Who knows what the future holds.