Just woke up about 15 minutes ago, thought I would jot down what I was dreaming before I fall asleep and it washes away. Unfortunately between having to admin our servers and bumping into a few people on IRC, I ain’t so half a sleep any more lol.

I was dreaming that we were visiting a friend of my mothers, when her son Alex and his wife dropped in. I went off to get dressed. The next thing I can remember is walking around Walmart with my brother, we went to get a drink; juice in his case, water in mine. When the jackass tried walking out the door, I reminded him that we had to pay first <_<. I then asked my bro to spot me a dollar, since I forgot my wallet; remembering that it is in its usual place (H.R.P.s purse lol) Almost everyone linked up at the store front, we went out and started to pile into the car; Ma, her friend, my brother, and his ex wife; and to much crap that there wasn’t room for me. I was told to catch a ride with Alex and his wife, and pointed in the direction of the car to wait by, so went towards it.

Only thing is, by the time I’ve crossed the parking lot, it doesn’t seem to be there anymore :/. So I go back inside, only to a few minutes later find that the store has become a Publix instead; so I go back outside and everything has changed: different lot and from night to day. I then see the aforementioned car coming in, and flag it down, and then we all went inside and joined everyone—standing in line at a Chinese restaurant. More people around, including some additional parts of my family.

We stood in line, and then there was something involving in egg plant, but not quiet an eggplant; imagine an Italian eggplant that is smaller and covered in an almost cabbage or spinach like wrapper :-/. Chinese eggplant is smaller, but not like that, in so far as I’ve ever encountered it before…

Fudge, between this and IRC, I’m wide awake now lol.