Pondering: should I ever go back (regularly)?

I used to spend a lot of time at the PC-BSD tech support forums (forums.pcbsd.org). As some should know, it is not one of my ‘favorite’ projects for numerous reasons.

I haven’t been active there in I guess, nearly a year now. Should we say, shuffling though like 50 threads a day and being one of the few paying attention got quiet old, when I’ve so much else to worry about after work. Ending up as little more then a spam-patrol man wasn’t very interesting either. Although things have been realitively docile since FreeBSD opened their own forum, I hang my hat over at DaemonForums.org – a place that’s worth visiting.

One of the alarming things about forums.pcbsd.org even while I am inactive, I still have several orders of magnitude more posts then everyone else… Man I used to check that forum several times a day. At one point, I may have been the last skilled snook left, I hope that has changed….

1 thought on “Pondering: should I ever go back (regularly)?”

  1. hi I notice that too , I know post on freebsd main forum I hope you do that too , I find the main forum full of more usfull thinking person ,I post to pcbsd but last time I give up since I post a replay and I never get a thanks from that user or even know what happen ,
    I just drop some suggestion to improve the project but kris and his followers close my post for no reason I think that project is dying and I hope soon case t didnt any thing to freebsd more than cluter code

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