Almost a Quaketorious Victory :'(

It was a nice double that quickly turned into a massive battle, going up from last to match leader in the first couple minutes… couldn’t be racking up frags any faster if I had a nuke: I actually had greater then 2:1 K2D ratio. It’s like no matter what the other players did, BAM I was right on’em, often being involved in  3 to 8 way melees.

Ended up neck in neck with another match leader at the end, and cinched it at like the last blink of an eye by scoring like 6 frags in near perfect succession, winning the game!

Loaded up the next map and was having like the best freaking roll of my life, bodies dropping left and right. There’s something uniquely satisfying about using my SAS skills to counter the other match leaders “Mad skillz”, with great effect no less. Again neck in neck for the lead and looking like the end of this match is gonna flop in the bag in a sec…. when I got called off to clean up someone elses disgusting mess. Worse then that, because of QLs scoring system, not only does that mean I was forced to forfeit everything earned during that pwntacular frag fest, it negatively impacts my reputation for the quit.

And so, family induced as only it could ever be, ends one of the best game nights of my miserable little life. There must be some bastard in the universe, who can take a perverse pleasure in that. Odds are we’re related.