An explaination, just for the sake of clarity

In my previous journal entry, I wrote this in part of it:

the most offensive action that I’ve taken on NTFs forum, was reminding Rouge not to boast without something to boast about, and he wouldn’t be the first person to get that rudeness from me.

I am referring to an incident in the public announcement thingy on NTFs forums, namely the responses I made to Rouges statement regarding  that they could quickly make miracles but quality takes more time. (That was an indirect quote: obviously.)

My words about the effort involved with setting up a forum, were correct. I know, because I’ve managed or moderated several forums in my own tenors0. Like wise, I chose those words because I already knew that NTF had a private forum running for several months or so: Hunter some what leaked it publicly. Normally when placed in a situation like NTFs leadership was, you want to get a moderate website put up quickly, and begin building your forum. That includes a public sector to attract people to your unit. NTF on the other hand, appears to have kept quite secretive about things, not surprising when one considers that they would likely perceive [SAS] as a potential enemy, and even post-[SAS], I may be considered so as well.

Obviously, I have felt a bit uncomfortable that they would run it so close to an underground. As I have always said, I prefer to run things above board whenever possible. Rouges post when parsed, by someone who has dealt in American English since birth as I have, and as ‘technically’ focused as I have in the past lustrum++, implies that NTF having a forum was much newer, then to my knowledge is widely known, and in my eyes is a cline to saying you did in two hours, instead of X weeks below the public radar.

Making a statement about how easy it is to setup a forum, in fact even if it’s hundred times as complex as [SAS]’s was when I left, it still would be a cake walk for NTF to have set it up any time they pleased: in fact it could be automated if it was that big and complex, thus making it even faster. Making what information I have in that regard, known to several NTF members before hand, was my ‘polite’ way of pointing out what I’ve seen. Being in [SAS] uniform at the time, I had to be more nice about saying that, and won’t rule out Rouges comment as potentiality being a fly on a hook ;).

Where I was my ‘most offensive’ on their forums, i.e. I was essentially being rude with the last part: where I made a reference to the admin teams choice of software and their leaderships C31 structure. That single sentence at the end, was for me, borderline on being disrespectful, if not being so.

I also chose to phrase it that way, in order to give Rouge a chance to show that he’s still up to snuff under fire, rather then disappoint me by turning it into a flame, as only an unfit officer would. I would’ve called it to a prompt end if that had happened. Instead (then just a Captain) Timbo took it home with the up most professionalism, exactly as I would expect from him (the sternness included), and exactly as any decent officer should have done when faced with that, and how I expect Rouge would have (minus the sternness). Timbo stepping in however, removed my opportunity to size Rouge up for any change in his usually excellent demeanor. Doing that was no less then satisfying my curiosity for the fly: don’t forget I’ve known NTFs leadership since they were babes in the woods, and know well how their management style tends to take shape. Normally I would not take such an action, even (as I prefer) so overtly, but after Rouges actions of late: I considered taking that target of opportunity justified2. Even better, if properly handled, it would reflect well upon my friends in NTF, something they could seriously have used in formalizing their clans public view. Would you rather face me, or a real prick? :-P.

As I told a dear friend after wards, I’ve no real intention of being rude over there, but I am still one who believes in expressing his opinions honestly. Being blunt rather than overly sugar coating stuff, is also a virtue in my book. Perhaps developing programming skills has had to big an impact on my brains thinking :-o.

0: DEx, SLDF SF, SAS 22nd EVR, and PC-BSD all come to mind in various capacities.
1: it means “Command, Control, and Communications”. Basically how you issue commands, keep your men under control, and address the issue of communication between components. It is one expansion of the more widely known C2.
2: he has privately admitted to what equates to breaking his word (i.e. lying), in such a way that I won’t stand for it.

3 thoughts on “An explaination, just for the sake of clarity”

  1. LOL Spidey — I fully agree with you: Forums can be set up within hours.

    But my reference to miracles that takes somewhat more time, was to all the other work that committed NTF members have done over the lasts months:

    We have a solid financial base for the future, are online with several servers (and continously evaluating them), have produced what you would call SOPs, have organized the NTF, are working on a boot camp program etc etc.

    As their leader, I am proud of what the NTF members as a team have achieved, their commitment and their professionalism. This shows me that if you hand out a lot of freedom to solve the tasks, the result is optimal.

    On a side note: I see you continue to critisize me, openly or more subtly. This is fair enough, and you have every right to speak freely.

    But I have the opposite right not to entangle in any exchange of views with you. I will continue to exercise this right. 🙂

  2. Which is the conduct I expect ;). Even the more so after the last exchange you put forth.

    After recent affairs, should we say I am naturally less trusting of you, and likely to remain so for a while. Can't be helped at this point without a brain hack upon my equality of a PCOC.

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