Generally, [SAS] is riding on rather thin ice with me: my patience although sometimes compared to a saints, is shall we say, far from unlimited. Perhaps I don’t show it, but I generally agree with what friends in my inner-circle have said about my exit from [SAS]. There’s just somethings I need to put in order over the course of time (i.e. the rear burner), like my memoirs ;). I’m moving forward with my life one way or the other, and I have much more meaningful things to deal with then suffering collections of fools, or cursing at bugs.

One thing I have enjoyed about becoming a ronin, is the chance to confound elements of [SAS] and NTF. It’s the price for anyone, who cannot or will not accept my word for truth. As I’ve often said, I have little care what others think, but when I know what they must be thinking, sometimes it does give me a massive cackle! For what side of that coin, that I’ve had to deal with from the [SAS] side (everyone can guess from who), I take it less offensively than I normally would, as my position in [SAS] afforded me sufficient view to comprehend it better than most can; much as I cut certain people outside of that clan a similar amount of ‘slack’, before I’ll pull the trigger in hostility. Also, I am naturally more passive than most; there are but few things that leave ‘lasting marks’, so to speak.

While I would consider a return to [SAS] someday, the things that would have to happen to allow that to be possible, should we say, that I wouldn’t hold my breath over that, if you paid me. I’m not happy about my mighty entry being retained, as is simply put: I am out, and Random and Wiz have ensured it that way. While all things considered with that, I can’t help but wonder if my former CO, has even noticed that he no longer has me to annoy. If anyone decides to Veterize me without my permission, by holding to a differing interpretation of the regulatory code than I and [SAS] in general do, then I’ll simply create my own clan “On paper” [sic], thus null-an-voiding any possibility of that. You can’t be made a Vet in [SAS], if you’re in another clan. Either I am in or I am out, and ‘in’ has not been left as a choice in my opinion. Which is the one that matters most.

Heh, if I had to go that far clanwise, I could publish my masters guide on tactics under my own brand, instead of just my own name lol. Honestly, I’m just happy that I can revise it and publish it in the future, now that I no longer have to give a damn about it’s impact on [SAS] members, nor making GCHQ look like asswholes in the process. As I’ve often said, it’s not a time consuming thing to write! My private files already blew the ‘current’ [SAS] SOPs out of the water before updated material was drafted, and I’m not even going to remark about he the ‘first committee’ from ages back.

I have generally tried to grant a fairly peaceful envelope to both clans: the [SAS] and the NATO Task Force. I feel the latter has accepted that understanding, sufficiently enough; where as I can not say the same about my former superiors. They will however, respect my peaceful-coexistencal desires, or face the blockers wall.

The virtue of being a free agent: is just that, freedom.